Developing positive youth voices has been a major motivating force in Mellisa's career; all of her workshops are able to modified to a youth audience. Having facilitated workshops with over a thousand youth throughout Vermont and the world, Mellisa brings a unique lens to her trainings; one of positivity, critical thinking and active participation. 

Upon initial contact, Mellisa will work with you to develop the right workshop for your school, after-school program, youth leaders, sports team or any group of youth that wishes to grow as a team, establish critical thinking skills through various fun, educational and thought provoking workshops!

Workshops Offered

Teambuilding Series

Zip-Zap-Zop, Youth Teambuilding:  The ability to work collaboratively as a team is an invaluable tool that youth need to have success in their worlds and into adulthood. With the goal of enhancing teamwork, establishing community and building group norms, Zip-Zap-Zop is the most popular of Mellisa’s youth workshops. Through various teambuilders, games and processing activities, Mellisa is able to transform a group of  youth into a solid, productive and positive group.  Plus, it's a lot of fun for all! 

Teambuilding for Youth Leaders: A training designed with youth leaders in mind, Discover Teambuilding introduces basic teambuilders, energizers and games in a training-of-trainers format. Upon competition of the workshop, participants will have a toolbox of over 15 teambuilders to bring back to their school or other youth orientated organization. 

Advanced Teambuilding: A fantastic companion piece to Discover Teambuilding, Advanced Teambuilding introduces "processors," allowing teams to go deeper through games.

Teambuilding Reflection: The fourth workshop in the Teambuilding series, Reflection allows teams to go into deeper reflection as to how to make their team work more effectively. 

Social Justice and Effective Communication

Intercultural Communications: Introduces concepts that foster an awareness and understanding of cultural and linguistic diversity with the goal to create a safe, compassionate work environment.

Conflict Transformation: Digging deep, the Conflict Transformation workshop assists teams in examining why conflicts are occurring and using CT skills, work through them to develop a vibrant and supportive team.

Non-Violent Communication: Introducing the concepts of NVC, the workshop allows participants to leave with practical skills to deal with difficult situations that arise in their school, communities or personal lives. 

Customized Trainings

Contact Mellisa for information for customized teambuilding and other workshops. Working together with adult and youth clientele, Mellisa can develop a workshop catered to your needs.