Mellisa is a Leadership Specialist focusing on CREATIVE, EXPERIENTIAL trainings for corporations, non-profits and educators.


Mellisa’s sixth grade superlative was “Mellisa wants to bring countries together.” Although it took decades to have the language for it, Mellisa always knew she wanted to assist people in finding common ground. Her goal is to bring people together through Iceberg Consulting, LLC trainings and potlucks!

Starting her teaching early, Mellisa spent three years as a classroom teacher in Prague, Czech Republic. Realizing that students learn best by experiencing lessons rather than rout learning, Mellisa started to design her lessons to address all learning styles in a fun, interactive way, designing classes that focused on developing critical thinking skills. Mellisa has facilitated trainings in over a dozen countries, from Iraq to Brazil to the United States.

When not working, Mellisa enjoys her cats, community building in Burlington, art, friends and traveling to unusual places.

BA: Peace Studies, Manhattan College

MA: Program in Leadership & Management, SIT Graduate Institute

TEFL CERT: International Training Center, Prague